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"Discover and Unfold Your Hidden Healing Gifts and Help those that you Love and Hold Dear to Your Hearts"

What is Reiki

What is Reiki attunement

Reiki History

Reiki Symbols

The Reiki Principles

Reiki Hand Positions

Reiki Scanning

Original Reiki History

The Reiki Levels 1, 2 and Master


Reiki Level I

Reiki Level II

Reiki Master

Reiki Certificates

50 Reiki Prayer Power Keys

Reiki Healing

Reiki Symbols

Reiki Attunements

Usui Reiki Manuals

Auric Field Blessings

Mahatma Pyramid

Glands Blessings

Nadis and Meridians blessings

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Divine Alignment

Divine Peace

Divine Love

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The Elohim Blessings

Removal of Fear

Removal of Anger

Removal of Guilt

Soul Purification

Light Quotient

Seven Seals

Archangel Michaels Armoured Suit

Removal of Shame

Self Love

Self Acceptance

Self Awareness

Knowing I AM God

Source Grace

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All is God

Divine Peace

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Divine  Beauty

Powerful Healing

Spiritual Healing

Reiki Healing

Reiki Levels 1,2,3

Reiki Certificate

Reiki Attunements

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Distance Usui Reiki Attunements Levels I, II and Master only $45
(with special Healing Gift and Reiki Marketing Package - see below)

"I have now attuned over 200 people from all around the world"


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What We Offer:

 Reiki level I
 Reiki Level II
 Reiki Level III (Master/Teacher)
 Reiki Blank Certificates for Business
 Reiki Marketing Package
 Reiki Manuals PDF and Word Format
 Special Healing Gift
All the Support and Advice you require via email

All Reiki manuals are in PDF format and also Microsoft Word format. If you need Reiki Manuals in another type of file extension please ask and we will see if we can accommodate.

There are a total of 3 Manuals for you to Download Online - Usui Reiki level I, Usui Reiki Level II and Master.

Reiki Certificates Levels 1, 2 and Master

You can download each certificate from our Reiki Zone as soon as you receive each attunement. Please note that you will need to fill in the name and date for each certificate that you download. This can be done using Microsoft word very very easily.

The Remote Reiki Attunement Process

Learning to become a Reiki Master is a very easy process of learning, Compared to other spiritual practices such as Yoga, Hypnosis, Meditation, Tai Chi etc...Because all you have to do is simply meditate for about 30 minutes to receive your Energy initiation to each level of Reiki that you learn. These are known as Reiki Energy Attunements. There are 3 levels of Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 and Reiki Level 3 (Master Level), meaning that you need to have 3 individual Attunements to become a Master/Teacher of Reiki.

The Reiki Attunements are done by a Person who has already taken each Energy Attunement to the Reiki Source. This person is called a 'Reiki Master/Teacher'. The Attunements can be carried out in person or over distance - Reiki is higher dimensional spiritual energy. Reiki's growth all around the world can be mostly attributed to the remote Attunement process, which makes it much easier for people to become Reiki healers/practitioners no matter where they are physically located and is often considerably cheaper than taking a weekend course (people are charging up to $500+ for a weekend course) and it is far less time consuming ( travel, accommodation, extra expenses etc ).

Reiki I, II and Master as Stepping Stone

You could also use the distance reiki attunements as a stepping stone, so you can practice using the Reiki Energy on self and others until you take Reiki in Person Course. You could also sell distance course online and whilst helping people and healing yourself, you will make money towards in person Reiki Course. Just to add there is no difference between in person and distance attunements. I have had both and I prefer the distance method because you experience much more energetically...

The Attunement process itself involves the Reiki Master connecting with the recipient on an energetic level, who is then connected Permanently to the Reiki source via the Attunement process. This involves opening up the person's energy channels (chakras), with specific focus upon the crown, brow and heart chakras. When the recipient has been attuned to the Master level, the exact Reiki Attunement instructions are then passed on to them (via the Reiki Manuals) and the Reiki Process continues.

Reiki I

This Reiki Attunement connects you to the universal source of healing energy which you can then start to channel. You can use this to help heal others and heal yourself. Reiki is a great tool for strengthening your own natural healing gifts and empowering your life on many levels. Each level of the Reiki attunement process will also strengthen your auric field and natural alignment to your subtle bodies.

Reiki II

The second Reiki Attunement deepens your connection to the universal source and strengthens your ability to channel the energy naturally. Reiki II introduces the Reiki Symbols which also allow healing to be directed to emotional/mental issues and across time/space. You can use this to do your own healing work no matter where the recipient is physically located in the world.

Reiki III (Master/Teacher)

The final Master Attunement further strengthens your connection to the Reiki Source. In addition, you are taught the final symbol which empowers you to pass on the Reiki Attunements to others. (It is also very good practice to study all the Reiki Manuals thoroughly, so that you are familiar with every aspect of Reiki - before you start to attune others).

Special Healing Gift***

You will receive healing in the following areas; Your Chakras, Your Auric Field, Your Emotional Body, Your Mental Body, Your Spiritual Body, Your Physical Body, Healing Soul Extensions, Healing Soul Fragments, Archetype re-balancing Spirit Release ...all via the inner plane Global Healing Energy Centre. You will receive this special healing dispensation during your sleep state to help with your personnel healing/ascension journey under the guidance of the Archangels and your I Am Presence, over the course of a year plus.

Reiki Marketing Package - 7 Video Tutorials

You will receive 7 Video Series Tutorials on various educational topics to help increase web traffic and presence online. You will also receive master resell rights to each video series so that you can sell online also and keep 100% of the profits.

Booking Online 

You can book each Reiki Distance Attunement online, you can choose the day and time of your attunement. The Global Healing Energy Centre Booking Centre is open From 8am to 11pm - 7 days per week. Time Differences between countries are not important. It does not matter where you live on the planet you will be attuned at the time you have book in for.

Heres What you will Receive on Payment:

  1. Reiki Level One (attunement)
  2. Reiki Level Two (attunement)
  3. Reiki Master      (attunement)
  4. Certificates   (Certificates for Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 - Master)
5. Blank Certificate  (For business)
  6. Reiki Manuals  (Manuals for Reiki level I, II and Master)
  7. Special Healing Gift (Special healing gift)
8. Reiki Marketing Package  (Video Tutorials Gift)

 *All the Support and Advice you require via email

Only $45.00 for all of The Reiki Attunements and Reiki Marketing Package and The Special Healing Gift as One Complete Package.

Only $45


*Immediately after payment you will be sent to the Global Healing Energy Centre, please save the webpage, you can add the webpage to your favourites folder or write down the exact web address... I will
also send you an email with details as soon as I can.



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