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In Usui Reiki there are three levels that are taught traditionally.

Level I - Reiki Level I (called Shoden in Japan) is taught to those that wish to learn to use the Reiki Energy. The class is taught by a Reiki Master trained to pass the attunements and teach Reiki. Traditional Usui Healing Systems use a set of four attunements. A Reiki I class material generally includes the hand positions used when doing Reiki on self and others, the Reiki principles, and the history of Reiki. You then receive the attunements. Once you have received the attunements you are a Reiki Practitioner. Whether you practice Reiki or not is your choice.

Level II - Reiki Level II (called Okuden in Japan)

Level II generally includes the three Reiki Symbols (Focus, Harmony, and

Connection), Mental/Emotional Healing, Distant Healing, symbols use and meanings are taught and the student received one attunement.

Level III (Master Level) - Third Level Reiki (called Shinpiden in Japan) is the Master Level of Reiki. The Usui Master Symbol itís meaning and application is taught. This symbol completes the other three symbols taught at Level II.

Masters are taught how to initiate others into Reiki using the attunement process.


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